Just a Little Interim Report. . .

What should be started NOW indoors if you hope to set out healthy, good-sized plants in April or May?

Tomatoes                                          Eggplant

Onion                                                  Broccoli

Peppers (Sweet & Hot)                Cauliflower and Romanesco

Leeks                                                  Cabbage

Celery                                                Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Potatoes

More help with determining WHEN to start plants indoors and when to set them outside:

Grow Guide —   http://www.chestnut-sw.com/growform.htm


Making an inexpensive Grow Light system:


Here’s a picture of the one my husband built for me using the instructions in the video above.  It was very easy.   Only cost about $45.00.  The lights and the box came from Wal-Mart over on Grayson Road. the nuts, washers and screw rods came from Lowes, and the plywood was what we had left over at home.   The beauty of this kind of system is that the plastic tray allows for bottom feeding of your plants.

There have been repeated requests for me to post the ADDRESSES of the various seed catalog companies.  I will post them here, but I believe that browsing through the online catalogs is a lot more convenient.  Also, you can go online and email your questions.  Nevertheless, here are the mailing addresses.  I have put the internet address for each one on top.  For the ones where I have no mailing address, only the internet address appears.


Totally Tomatoes

334 West Stroud Street

Randolph, WI   53956


Johnny’s Selected Seeds

955 Benton Aveune

Winslow, ME   04901-2601



Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery

P. O. Box 397

Aurora, IN   47001-0397


R. H. Shumway’s

334 West Stroud Street, Suite 1

Randolph, WI   53956-1341


Miller Nurseries

5060 County Road 16

Canandaigua, NY   14424-8904


J. W. Jung Seed Company

335 S. High Street

Randolph, WI   53957-0001


Burgess Seed & Plant Company

905 Four Seasons Raod

Bloomington, IL   61701


Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

P. O. Box 460

Mineral, VA   23117


Stokes Seeds, Inc.

Box 548

Buffalo, NY   14240-0548


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

2278 Baker Creek Road

Mansfield, MO   65704


Indiana Berry and Plant Company

2811 U. S. 31

Plymouth, IN   46563


Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Company

P. O. Box 4178

Greendale, IN   47025-4178


Seeds From Italy—no mailing address


Lake Valley Seeds



Victory Seeds


Fedco Seeds

Other sources for seeds (this was contributed by a fellow gardener):


Maine Potato Lady Online Catalog

Reneesgarden.com- online catalog only


By the way, I believe that the BEST local sources for vegetable and herb  plants (I am talking health of the plants as well as variety are:


Ashcombe Farms and Greenhouses in Mechanicsburg



Stauffers of Kissell Hill in Linglestown

Biggest problem with these is that you have to go there EARLY in order to get the seeds and plants you want.  Hop to it, folks!


My next posting, which will be the newsletter for February and March, 2011, will focus in on Organic versus Non-Organic Gardening, Garden Tools and Tillers,  Effective Fertilizing for Overworked Soils, Spring Planting and Garden Planning.  I hope to have the February Issue posted by Valentines Day.  Please email your suggestions to me at brensgrrl@gmail.com.  I will include as many as I can.  You can also add your suggestions by commenting on the blog.

Please feel free to comment.   You can leave your comments simply by clicking on the words “Leave a Comment” at the top of the page.  This is YOUR newsletter.  All legitimate comments and suggestions are welcome.


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