A New Year in the garden

Welcome to the first ever Newsletter for Dauphin County Community Gardeners!  Even if you aren’t involved with the Dauphin County Pennsylvania Community Gardens, you are also welcome here.  Make yourself at home!

Cozy up with a nice hot cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate!  As I write this I am enjoying a nice fire in my wood burning fireplace insert.  So very glad you’re here!   You can tell by the date that winter winds are blowing and we all know that the gardens are soon to be covered with snow.  Yet that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a gardener right now.  Gardeners are gardeners year-round.  The Holidays are over, and the seed catalogs are being delivered. Mailboxes are no doubt full of sales advertisements for tillers and other gardening equipment.  Winter is the time for Planning, and that’s where this newsletter comes in!  But first, we have some brief Housekeeping to do.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in this online Newsletter are exclusively those of the  various authors and do not reflect the positions and policies of the Dauphin County (Pennsylvania) Department of Parks and Recreation or the Dauphin County Commissioners.   This Newsletter is by and for the Gardeners of the Dauphin County Community Gardens, but all gardeners are welcome.

WHAT WE WILL BE DISCUSSING–We will be talking about numerous subjects of concern to Vegetable Gardeners, and Dauphin County Community Gardeners in particular.  For Example:

Seed Catalogs—which are better than others?  Which ones do you like best?

Effective Garden Tools—abandon the dull hoe!  What is the most effective tiller?  How often should you use the tiller? What hand tools work best.

Garden Planning—how to get the most out of a 30 foot x 30 foot space.

Growing a Garden Entirely From Seed

Organic VS Non-Organic

Effective Fertilizing for overworked soils

Spring Plantings


The (AHEM) Pilfering Problem

Watering Etiquette While at the Pumps

When its Dry and Hot—Water Solutions

Canning and Preserving—Share your recipes here!

Fall Plantings for Late Autumn Harvest

Green Manures for Wintering

Old School Gardening—A Regular Feature of the Newsletter!

And Much, Much More!

Of course, YOU are the most important element here.  We will be accepting articles and information from all Gardeners who want to submit for inclusion in the Newsletter   Email all ideas and submissions to brensgrrl@gmail.com.    Subject: Gardening (Topic).

PUBLISHING:  This Newsletter will be published online as a blog as follows:

  • One Issue for January
  • One Issue for February and March
  • One Issue each for the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September
  • One Issue for October and November

Copies will also be posted at the Gardens once they reopen in March/April.

So, here we are!

Have a warm and welcoming winter!


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